With this project You had to work with data that you can get yourself or via other sources or organisations. The goal was that you could translate the data into visualisations that represent de data in a logical way.

I went to look for current events in the news. What I quickly found interest in was yet another shooting in the United States. I searched the internet to find out if an (interactive) website had already been created here, but without success. So I had to look for inspiration myself. Before I started, I started looking at the data. Different research platforms have kept different datasets of different years.


I wanted to go two ways with my concept. One way was the interactive side to show the data and the other way was to tell the user the story behind the shootings. And I also want to show the user that a shooter is not always a 'lunatic' or just a person as everyone else. So a data-based way and a story-based way with the data that supports the story.


The data I used was from Mother Jones. This data contained the following items which you can see below.

Case Location Date Year Summary Fatalities Injured Total victims Venue Prior signs of mental health issues Race Gender Latitude Longitude
Las Vegas Strip massacare Las Vegas, NV 1/10/2017 2017 Rained a barrage of rapid gunfire down on thousands of concertgoers on the Las Vegas Strip late on a Sunday night. 58 489 547 Other TBD White M 36,169941 -115,13983
San Francisco UPS shooting San Francisco, CA 14/6/2017 2017 Fatally shot three coworkers and wounded two others inside a UPS facility in San Francisco. Lam killed himself as law enforcement officers responded to the scene. 3 2 5 Workplace Yes Asian M 37,76559 -122,406124
Use of legitimate sources.

What also was important within my concept was the use of legitimate sources. To not only support my research and concept, but also to get all the pieces together to create the story about a mass shooting. I've watched in that time the news a lot and also followed some news papers such as: The Washington Post. And also online newssites such as BBC or VOX.


The design was a though cookie for me although I did managed to create these stories with al the data and research to a very good and solid design.