The assignment is to design and create a website to read online stories. The website becomes responsive. Visitors should be able to find and read stories. Visitors also need to be able to leave something behind, such as a reaction, a like, or a photo.

The aim of the website is for the user to be able to sort and filter between 99 stories that are online. In the end, you could choose three of the 99 stories and work them out in the atmosphere of the story.


In addition to using the client's style for the website, you also had to choose three of the 99 stories that you wanted to work out. I have for the stories: Paranoia, Sportcommentaar and Neerslachtig. For these stories you had to develop an entire concept into an end product.


Paranoia, something that makes a huge mess. Someone who can't concentrate and feels trapped. Something that has no logic or someone who has 'gone mad'. Someone whose brain is tired and worried about everything. Everything and everyone revolves around him. To go crazy with it.

With paranoia, I immediately thought of circles and spirals. You constantly look around to see if someone is around you. You're losing it all. The spiral turns when you start scrolling. Once you've read the whole story, you'll see the typographic image in the middle. Actually, the whole story makes already for a coherent typographic image.


Enthusiasm, in which a person behaves in a lively way and expresses himself and has a great motivation for something. Who can also behave hastily and cheerfully.

At the sports commentary I immediately looked at oblique and fast forms. People who often show enthusiasm quickly become loud and fanatical. So when it came to speed and screaming, I came up with oblique shapes. The slanting shapes on mobile phones have been removed, because the shapes are so slanted that the story would no longer be clearly legible. The larger the screen, the more text text is visible on the width of the screen.


Sad or showing grief. The story takes place in a sad environment. It's raining, no one looks cheerful, homesickness for home and nice weather.

At color and shape for depressed I looked at rainfall and several umbrellas. I continued with the umbrellas to possibly combine them with the text of the story. The effect with the two umbrellas becomes less beautiful as the viewport of a device gets smaller. That's why I have placed the umbrellas above and below the text, so you can still get the effect.

Design & Webdevelopment.

I did managed to also build all three stories with their own animations and styles, which worked out perfectly. The main style of the Dutch Railway Company also where worked out nicely.